Board of Directors


Evie Lindberg, Ed .D

Board President

Dr. Evie Lindberg, is currently the president of the Learning Disabilities Association of Oklahoma and also serves on the national Board of Directors.  She has been involved with LDAO since 1978 and has held numerous positions on the board.   Lindberg achieved an Ed.D. in Educational Leadership from Oral Roberts University and a Master of Arts in Learning Disabilities from the University of Tulsa. Regarded as an individual who is always willing to be a servant-leader and was recently recognized in January 2016 as “Top Female of the Year” by Worldwide Branding.   Lindberg was chosen for the award for her dedication, leadership and excellence in special education management.



Holly Rice, Ph. D

First Vice President

For the past six years I have worked as an Assistant Professor of Education for Cameron University.  I teach both undergraduate and graduate courses in special education.  Before working for Cameron University, I worked for Duncan Public Schools and the District of Columbia as a special education teacher.  As a special education teacher I had the opportunity to work with an array of students with disabilities.  For Duncan Public Schools I taught elementary and high school students diagnosed with learning disabilities and also taught students at the pre-K level diagnosed with developmental delays.  For the District of Columbia I had the opportunity to teach students diagnosed with emotional disturbance, intellectual disabilities, autism and learning disabilities in a self-contained setting in an inner city elementary school.

I received my Bachelors degree in Organizational Communications and a Masters degree in Human Relations from the University of Oklahoma.  I obtained a Masters degree in Early Childhood Special Education from the George Washington University and a Doctorate degree in Special Education from the University of Oklahoma.

Pam Bressler

Second Vice President



Tobey Bullingham




 Joyce Lackey

Board Member